Import Metadata

Import Metadata

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The Import Metadata feature allows users to add metadata to their existing spectra by uploading a CSV file containing the metadata information. This provides flexibility in associating relevant data with the spectra, enabling better organization and analysis.

CSV File Format

The CSV file should adhere to the following format:

  • The first row should contain the column headers, which can have any names chosen by the user.
  • Subsequent rows represent individual records or entries.
  • Fields should be separated by one valid delimiter: comma or semicolon.
  • If a field contains commas, semicolon or special characters, it should be enclosed in double quotes.

Importing Metadata

To import metadata:

  1. Prepare your metadata CSV file according to the format described above. For example:
  Index,Compound Name,Lot #,Date Entered,Notes
  1,"4-Acetoxy-N,N-Dimethyltryptamine Oxalate",H-0705,01/16/2014,note 1
  2,Acetylfentanyl Hcl,4541-886-149A,01/16/2014,note 2
  3,"5-APDB, HCl",N16-P60B,01/16/2014,note 3
  4,5-APB HCl,N17-P64B,01/16/2014,note 4
  5,Butylone HCl,2011DEA003-25A,01/16/2014,note 5
  1. Navigate to the Import Metadata section in the application.

    import metadata 1
  2. Click on the "Choose your File" button and select your metadata CSV file.

  3. Review the Preview.

    import metadata 2

If needed, ajust the settings as you need:

  • Specifying a custom delimiter character (other than comma)
  • Skipping a specific number of rows at the beginning of the file

import metadata 3
  1. Click the OK button to update your spectra with the new metadata. Remember, The metadata order must match the order of your spectra in this workspace.
    import metadata 4

The application will process the CSV file and associate the metadata with the corresponding spectra based on the order in which they appear in the file.

Handling Import Errors

If an error occurs during the metadata import process, an error message will be displayed, indicating the nature of the problem. Common issues include:

  • Invalid CSV file format
  • Mismatch between the number of metadata entries and the number of spectra

To resolve import errors, review your CSV file and ensure that it adheres to the required format. Make any necessary corrections and attempt the import again.