Import Spectra

Import spectra

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Allows users to import spectra and its associated metadata into current workspace.

The import pop up allows to directly drag&drop files or navigate through your own Operating System files menu.

Suported files include:

File FormatDescription
.spspSpectrify native file format
plain text (.csv, .txt,...)Based on 2-column structure
jcamp-dx (.jdx, .dx)JCAMP Standard based files

Advanced importer

Activate the Advanced Importer button in the Import pop up menu to access Advanced Import options.

advanced importer activation

Advanced Import Options allow users to inspect file contents, preventing conflicts and displaying relevant information:

  • File Details: The top-left vignette shows the current file name and its order when multiple files are loaded.
  • Raw Content Preview: The top-right vignette displays the first 25 rows of the current document.
  • Settings Panel: The bottom-left vignette enables selecting a different column delimiter symbol and starting the import from a specific line, allowing the skipping of irrelevant header information.
  • Parsed Data Preview: The bottom-right vignette displays modified data based on the settings panel, helping to ensure the correct import style with 2 columns for X-Axis values and intensities.
advanced importer menu example
  • Apply: Will apply the settings to the current file, opening to the next one.
  • Apply to All Files: Will apply same setting to all uploaded files.

Import errors

An import error occurs due to an unexpected file format. Using Advanced Mode for file inspection may resolve this issue.

advanced importer menu example